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1. Shalom Youth Fellowship (YF) exists that Youth may:

SERVE the church with their gifts

UNITE as disciples of Jesus

REACH non-believing youth

GROW in their faith through the Bible

EXALT God with their lives


2. This ministry’s philosophy is achieved through the following weekly activities

a. Teen Accountability Groups (TAG) – Small Groups

In Shalom YF, we believe in intentional discipleship through friendships in small groups. For 3 Saturdays per month, the TAG groups meet to study the Bible, apply the Word and pray for each other. TAG groups are where we can also get to know one another better so that you know you are not walking the faith alone.


b. Philadelphia – The Informal Day Out

God has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy in! On the first Saturday of each month, TAG groups are encouraged to have an informal day of fun enjoying God’s creation together. Activities include going out for meals, playing sports, or anything that is not illegal, immoral or unbiblical.


c. Saturday Morning Study

Our Chapel is open every Saturday morning from 9.30am to allow a collaborative study session in a conducive environment. Perhaps, you may be able to find some study helps here too!


d. Breakout

Every quarter, we intentionally give our friends a reason to join us on their Saturday afternoon. Being a Christian fellowship, this will also be a time when we want to share the Good News with our friends through the activities we plan.

This end-November, we will have a Captains’ Ball competition that runs into December.


e. CrosSword – Bible Study

This is our Sunday afternoon Bible study session, also known as the Christian Education (C.E.) class. From 11.30am to 1.00pm, we will gather to study the Word of God. This year, we are going through the book of Genesis. There is also a Follow-up class for anyone who wants to make sense of what being a Christian is about.


If you have further questions, feel free to contact Benjamin Tsao at 65810311 to know more about the Youth program.

We welcome you to join us!