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The objective of the Adults’ Ministry is to make disciples who will in turn make disciples for the glory of God. To achieve our objective we have the following programs: Christian education, home care groups as well as a Men’s Fellowship and Ladies’ Fellowship.

1. Christian Education Program

Our Christian Education program is conducted in two semesters – January to May and July to October, 11:30am- 1:00pm. We run different classes to cater to the different needs of our congregation and visitors. A brief summary is as follows:-

a. For seekers

We conduct an introductory course to the Christian faith entitled “Christianity Explored”.

b. New believers

A course covering basic doctrines of the Christian faith helps new believers to know God better.

c. Mature believers

Bible study classes on various Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible.

d. Various equipping classes

Equipping classes are also available for mature believers to be trained in witnessing, teaching children and helping nurture young believers;

e. Events

Occasionally, various seminars and courses are also conducted.

In each of the above classes for believers, there is regular practice of study of God’s Word, sharing and prayer so that we learn not only to study together but to support one another and encourage each other to apply God’s Word in our lives.

2. Care groups

We are in the process of starting two home care groups. These care groups are small groups that meet to care for one another and reach out to others in need of support and fellowship. These home care groups will meet fortnightly in homes in the evenings. Please call our office if you are interested to join in a care group.

3. Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship meets once a month on the last Saturday of every month. Activities include breakfast fellowship, outings, excursions and fishing trips, etc. The Men’s Fellowship meets for bonding, fun, fellowship and reaching out to other men.