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Shalom’s young adults meet regularly in small groups for fellowship, accountability and prayer. The groups strive to be inclusive communities for both members and their friends. Members come together to build each other up, support each other and be accountable for service to Christ and for outreach through study of God’s word, prayer and fellowship. Friends also regularly join the groups to enjoy fellowship in Christ and to learn from God’s word together.


On a typical meeting the young adults meet together for dinner before a time of communal worship and a devotion led by different members of the group each week. Once a month the group also enjoys fellowship over a relaxing dinner, typically in town. At least once a year the group also goes away on a retreat to take stock on the previous year and to plan for the group’s direction for the upcoming year.


The group’s young adults span from ages 19 to 40. The young adults started meeting in 2010 with only a small number of young adults. The group has since grown significantly in size and, as members of the group started new stages of life with marriage and children, the group has also adjusted herself to suit the different life stages of her members. There are now three small groups:-


i) young married couples;

ii)  a group of young adults that meet in the east; and

iii) a group of young adults that meet in the Central Business District.


For more information on the young adult meetings, please contact the church office.